creating the seemingly impossible



Our illusionist appears from absolute darkness and reveals his true power to a suprised crowd. Watch the laws of pyshique crumble when our performer reveals a beam of light and manages to manipulate the laser with his bare hands. He actives, refracts and transforms the beams into an uplifting and creative act where music, video, storytelling, choreography and laser

are passed in review. 

In short, a renowned performance in a high-tech-futuristic atmosphere that creates an unforgettable experience for all your corporate- and public events.



The ability to create a tailor-made act for your specific purpose

The implementation of diffrent mediums that strenghten eachother

Partnered up with illusionist: Luc Elson and Media Entertainment company: Bird & Sheep

The laseract is rated with an 8.5 by the visitors of Themepark Toverland

The mastery to overwhelm people and surprise people emotionally, physically, intellectually and maybe even spiritually

We learned from our previous experiences that people will talk about our acts for a long time.

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a remarkable way

to tell your story

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