light is the first

element of design

The necessity for light and art in architecture and design is constantly increasing, due all the technological developments that are currently playing. Light architects, artists and designers play with many different techniques to get their story across. As these techniques become ‘obsolete', the focus on design is getting more important. Norio Ohga (former CEO of SONY) once said: ' If all the technology becomes very similar, design is the only element that works distinctive '.


At Laserforum this is also part of our belief, the possibilities of light art are inexhaustible but the proper use of resources, however, is a craftsmanship.


We focus on creating unique concepts in which the environment contributes to the creation of a visual sensation. From experience, we know that light actives our behavior and the emotion of people, that's why we want to create something that evokes a sense of excitement and inspiration. In combination with our creative abilities and our out-of-the-box approach we are very progressive when we talk about (multimedial) productions and communication technologies. 


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light is the first element of design

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