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The Netherlands seems to be the country with the most festivals in the world, in absolute numbers. There are more than 800 productions that are  visited by more than 23 million visitors anually. Organizers are pulling all stops to optimize the visitor’s experience over and over again. Visitors are very demanding and call for absolute quality and the ultimate experience, the same purpose were you as an organization also strive for.

However, we still see that laser are  basically used in the same way, it often remains by (green) tunnels and ranges that are live directed on the pounding beats. It  no longer characterizes itselves as a rarity, it rather became the norm. Because of this it became a market in which everyone competes on price. Quality and creativity often remain behind.

As young creative entrepreneurs we see room for development. Along with our partner; Studio Blue Lion we are working on innovative concepts that are depoyable at festivals. We want to create stories that visitors can easily take in and  – more importantly, easier can remember and pass on. The concept will therefore contribute to the satisfaction, commitment and loyalty of the visitor and will take the production to a higher level by all means.
Curious about the possibilities? Contact us today or take a look at our products.


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the beginning of a new chapter 

for more information download our brochure

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+31- (0)77-4000224

Burg. Houbenstraat 56

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