To make an appropriate connection to the identification of our product we use the isosceles triangle. In our industry, also known as a beam or in technical terms familiar as the diverging beam.

For over 35 years it has been our main goal to overwhelm, surprise and inspire our audience. Whenever you study our logo closely and use a whiff of your imagination, you recognize a smiley in no-time. In short, our 'why' that continuesly pushes us. 

There's no doubt you recognize the L of Laserforum. But did you also know that this is an imagery to the mirrors that are placed within our lasers? 

When we add a isosceles triangle to the letter L it automatically creates the letter F. To perceive both letters you should  turn your head 45 ° to the right and the left. Together they constitute the unity of the letters LF, the abbreviation of Laserforum.

As aforementioned in this blog, we perceive the L as a mirror. This reflects a beam of light which we see as the source of all our creations. The origin of our shows start with a very thin ray that is projected on a mirror.


The font of Laserforum is purposely designed  sleek and extremely thin because it corresponds to the volume of a laser beam. Also, the letters A and R are deliberately left open, giving the appearance of an open organization.

The turquoise lines associate with a laser These go on untill unfinity and , and reaches further than the human eye can possibly perceive.

The combination of the two colors creates a refreshing and innovative character. The turquoise color also symbolizes future-oriented innovation and inventiveness.

Our current logo is based on the same values of our logo that originates from 1982. Therefore our philosophy to this day on remained unchanged. 

Together all elements create a timeless and clean design. Our slogan is therefore not for nothing; "Out of the ordinary since 1982".  As organization, we always strive towards differentation. For us, the race for excellence has no finish line. 


The art behind the design of a logo is to keep it simple, but at the same time it must be distinctive. As deceptively simple as it sounds, practice shows that it is difficult to create a successfull design.  


The advantage of a qualified brand is that people recognize it, and that you can build a trust with it. It´s also an upgrade for your image.


How do we recognize a reliable brand; 


- Its simplicity & originality

- A proper identification (the logo does not need to explain itself)

- A timeless design

- A creative typography & color choice

- The authenticity


In many companies the logo is not created by the company itself but by a third party However, this is not the case at Laserforum. We completely designed our own logo and incroporated all the aspects that we care about.  What we found most important during the process is that one could find our creativity in our brand. As a result, you can see a lot of ' visual metaphors ' in our logo. Were you able to find them all? 


.... Probably not, therefore we are using the following illustrations to share our philosophy with you.



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