bringing imagination

to your story

The provorb of ' bigger,

harder & faster ' is largely gone. 

Ofcourse rollercoasters remain very popular and important for an amusement park but we see that the experience around it is  becoming a key factor in the industry. As an advancing amusement park you go all out to bring your guests into a certain atmosphere and with it the ability to intensify the story of the attraction or your themepark.


For this reason themeparks put storytelling into play to enhance the experience of the visitor. The visitor is immersed in a fictional story and comes suprisingly into contact with familiar characters. Recent studies have shown that our lasershows score very high among the audience of a theme park. Therefore we see our shows as a resource  to tell your story in breathtaking way. 


At Laserforum, we believe in the power of strong stories which we undeniably -like no other-  translate into visual masterpieces. Whether it's about bringing fictional characters to life or journey through the world of Halloween, for many (new) attractions the thematizaton plays a key factor in the immersion of your guests. With a customized lasershow you just go the extra mile while you invest in an innovative and refreshing experience to retain existing customers and attract new.

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bringing imagination to your story

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