Theatre show"Yakanuko-fight for your dreams"

In collaboration with the creators of Yakanuko;  Curt Fortin and Nick van Leent, Laserforum will do the complete production realize from the Yakanuko theatre tour in 2016-2017. 

The performance Yakanuko – fight for your dreams is a fusion of theatre and music, which is at the service of the story. An inspiring story, told by Curt Fortin, about good and evil, courage, friendship and what it means to fight for your dreams. With Yakanuko you will experience as a theatre visitor a heroic adventure with song, dance, Visual effects and a spectacular lasershow.

Tickets are available on www.yakanuko.com



• 400 unique show moments in 60 minutes

• Laser integrated into the story

• Live-act in combination with laser & video

• Complete show, music, SFX, video, laser and choreography tailored

• target: visitors into believing that you can realize your dreams, inspire, surprise and activate in short