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about us.

leaving you  standing in


out of the ordinary since 1982

Ever since our company is founded, it has been our philosophy to stand out in every aspect of our organization. For this reason we are dedicated to create unique and life-changing experiences throughout the world of visual communication.


As your creative partner, we believe that we can create value by designing unconventional ideas that enhance the brand experience for you and your customers. As  experts, we know it’s these interactions that make our client partners stand out - and grow - in highly competitive marketplaces. 


With 33 years of experience, it’s in our DNA to design concepts that are out of the ordinary,


not because of what we say.

But because of what we do…





3 beding laser lines

our vision.

At Laserforum, we aspire to be the best in our industry.

For us, that means more than merely making a difference.


As a young creative agency we believe that we have the bravery to change the way people experience laser.

Therefore we encourage new ideas that challenge the status quo and seek for uncontested marketspace in a blue ocean that combines innovation, design and infinite imagination.


In a market that is jam-packed, we place confident in the quality and safety of our shows because we know that there are companies out there that appreciate the true value of our work.


They choose us because they want their stories to be told in an exceptional way.


That's what sets us apart, that’s what we aim for,

and that’s our promise to you.


3 bending laserlines

"so let's make laser

extraordinary again!"

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Round photo design
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Lasershow Omron 3d Object
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Animated Storytelling


Lightart Installations

Theatre Acts

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